24 Funny YouTube Videos Every Designer Must Watch

  1. The Hilarious Art of Book Design | Chip Kidd | TED Talks

    This hilarious video of Chip Kidd is about how cover designs should be delivered for the content and should not be judged by the cover itself. It also offers daily podcasts with a funny and enjoyable approach.
  2. 30 Worst Logo Fails Ever

    This video compiles the most hilarious and epic logo fails as well as the lessons you can learn from them. As you analyze each logo, you would probably want to ask those designers, ‘What were you thinking?’
  3. Embrace Your Passions: The Graphic Designer

    This video discusses how graphic designers should embrace their individuality. The best part is that this video is presented in the form of funny caricatures.
  4. Design Coding – Rap

    This is more of a marketing approach as SEO Rapper, Poetic Prophet raps about the frustrations, standards, and the need for creative motivation. The lyrics are fun and reality-based, as you can relate to them as a designer.
  5. South Park – Mac vs. PC

    This video is about two graphic designers comparing and discussing which is better, a Windows or Mac platform when it comes to delivering great graphic designs. You will find it entertaining if you are either a Windows or Mac user.
  6. South Park Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

    This is a sequel of the famous funny video, South Park Mac vs. PC. This time around, another OS joins the discussion, the Linux platform. This is another amusing video, as Mac and PC point out their advantages over Linux.
  7. How NOT to use PowerPoint

    This is a stand-up comedy video about how it is possible to refrain from using Power Point presentations in your exhibit. The host makes this video extra hilarious with his examples.
  8. Graphic Designer Baby
    In this video, a graphic designer father used Photoshop to make funny faces and impersonations using his own baby. More fun is added to the video with hilarious music as well as the sounds that the baby makes during the video.
  9. Your Business Card is Crap

    This video is about business card designs and how people would react to such designs. As the personnel frowns at your business card, he will mention that it is a piece of crap – pertaining to the design of your card.
  10. The Graphic Avenger

    This funny video explains why clients should trust their graphic designers in the field of design and techniques.
  11. Graphic Designer vs Client
    This funny video for graphic designers discusses the frustrations of designers when dealing with problematic clients. The robot characters in the video make the narration funnier despite the annoying voices and sounds.
  12. Font Fight – CollegeHumor

    This funny video is about different typefaces and how they are chosen to be part of a design. You will be amused by how these letters gather together in a “Font Conference” to discuss which of them is best suited for a design.
  13. Original Design Gangsta

    This is a Gangsta rap-style video discussing the adversaries and adventures of a graphic design – from the idea to the finished product.
  14. A Day In The Life Of Every Designer
    This is a comedic video that narrates the life of a designer. The video focuses on a designer who is about to create a simple greeting card for the holidays, but has to deal with his boss’ endless suggestions.
  15. Swerve™ Graphic designer – How to make a Burger (Speedart)
    This educational but fun-based video creatively walks designers through how to create a burger design with simple and easy steps. It is a funny video for designers because of the approach used in the video.
  16. Photoshop & Illustrator speedart: Bass Boost Logo design by Swerve™
    This is another fun but educational video on how to make a logo stand out. This time, the process is carried out in a tutorial form. What makes it fun are the strokes, sounds and type of narration that that the host uses.
  17. LCJVS Web and Graphic Design funny video
    This is a series of funny videos by a group of student designers.
  18. How To Piss Off A Designer In 40 Seconds
    This short video summarizes almost every disgusting and frustrating design that is associated with graphic design – any designer would want to scream his frustrated heart out.
  19. John Stossel 20/20 – graphic design
    This short video is about common designs in the country that will guarantee to make you laugh.
  20. Paint Shop Pro vs Photoshop — Keep Reading
    This funny parody video discusses how a self-help book can guide you with your designs, especially when it comes to photo editing. Some employees in Corel even tried it for fun.
  21. If Google Was A Guy
    This video depicts how difficult it is for Google to find answers to graphic design searches and questions. Here, the video exemplifies what a typical guy would do to answer those questions.
  22. Free Graphic Design (Life on a Limb)
    This video shows the misadventures that every designer has experienced – For example, people asking for a free design.
  23. A Conference Call in Real Life
    This video is about a conference of graphic designers in the stage of brainstorming and how bosses act during that situation.
  24. Sh*t Graphic Designers Say
    This video is about the unuttered words that graphic designers hold back whenever they are in a tough situation such as crunch times, endless revisions and millions of senseless suggestions.


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