20 Popular Online Resources For Designers

Adobe Creative Suite

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One of the most popular platforms used by graphic designers worldwide. In recent news, Adobe has announced that it has its new cloud application where users can upload and save their work and access it anytime, anywhere.

Adobe TypeKit

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There are over millions of subscribers using this tool as it comes with different tips, samples, and designs for fonts.

Google Fonts

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Google fonts provide a long list of open source fonts that can be used for free.



With over a hundred thousand downloads and installed programs across the world, Dribbble features editing, designing, and typographic tools that every designer loves to include in their kit.



This is one of the largest online art and design communities with more than 200 million users and subscribers from across the world. Members of the deviantART interact, give tips, make recommendations and share ideas with one another. This community contribute plenty of ideas and inspirations.

InDesign Secrets


This is a designer’s reference for innovative and cutting edge designs using InDesign of Adobe Suite. This site features design and layout tips, software, updates and discussions as well as articles by professional designers.



With over a hundred thousands of users from across the globe, FavIcon Generator generates a list of favourite icons for numerous websites. These icons will appear as bookmarks in the user’s browser as an indicator that the website is being run.

Skybound – CSS Tool


This is a web-based visual CSS generator that offers gradient generators that similar web-based generators fail to provide.

Designers Talk


This tool is composed of forums of designers from different parts of the world who want to share their ideas on different design topics. There are over a hundred thousand users registered on this forum.

Graphic Design Forums

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This is a community of designers, artists, directors, programmers, and artists of different specialisations that discuss and share ideas of a wide variety. There are also website designers in this forum.

Icon Finder

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This is a resource tool that allows web designers and numerous developers to find high quality designed icons. Icons in this tool are efficiently organised to help them find what they are looking for with convenience. There are more than a million downloads from this website tool.

Lorem Ipsum Generator


This tool helps designers populate a field or template with words and paragraphs of meaningless value to create a certain design. This tool has been providing and generating texts for millions of designers worldwide.

Design 21


This tool highlights designers who are making a difference in their field of expertise. This was initially a non-profit organisation composed of hundreds of thousands of designers with similar interests in social media. This community aims to empower designers.



Over a million designers have created an account and signed up for this site. There are also “like” buttons that can be used to mark their favourite designs.

Inbound.org HubSpot Designer Forum


This is an online community composed of designers and artists who would like to make better creations in the future. With this tool, designers can ask questions, seek advice and share their works.



There are over 2 million users using Awwwards and the numbers keep growing every day. This is a website design tool where designers can upload their works and get nominated for best design. There is a voting procedure and winners are announced every Wednesday. There is also a monthly and yearly awardee for best design.

It’s Nice That


This is where nice designs are uploaded in order to be featured on many other websites. This community has approximately over 1 million users, mainly composed of designers and artists from different countries. News, updates, software and other interesting features can also be found here.

HOW Design


This is an online and print publication that allows designers and artists to show their crafts and improve for the better. There are also design careers and partner companies that designers who are interested in can apply to and submit their works to. There are over 2 million registered users using this tool.

Logo Design Love


This is a community where professional designers and beginners come together to discuss and feature unique articles. It is especially suitable for logo designers who need inspiration for creativity and branding purposes.

The Dieline


This tool is best suited for graphic designers that specialise in product packaging. It offers updated and trending ideas on packaging and gives the best insights and inspirations about branding topics.


Did you know, 123RF features amazing content designers such as Lassedesignen for all your stock photo needs? With over 55 million royalty-free stock images, vectors, footage and audio clips, 123RF is a designer’s paradise whether you’re a contributor or a client.


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